Positek Gauge Head Position Sensor

Experts in standard and custom linear position sensor design

As part of our range of linear sensors, Positek manufactures a form of inductive sensor specifically designed for gauge head positioning in industrial and scientific applications. 

Positek’s inductive sensor technology lends itself well to gauge head positioning, and measures position feedback in the same way as a spring loaded lvdt. As with every sensor that we produce, our gauge head position sensor solutions use patented, contactless technology to ensure unrivalled reliability and accuracy in harsh environments. 

As well as being very compact and offering a good stroke to length ratio, Positek’s gauge head position sensor technology is extremely robust. With a long service life and strong environmental resistance, this type of linear displacement sensor is well suited for harsh or high vibration applications.

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Unlike with many other spring loaded lvdt sensors, Positek’s inductive sensors can be manufactured to any size or specification. If you’re in need of a custom gauge head position sensor, please contact a member of our engineering team today to discuss your requirements. 

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