Intrinsically Safe Linear Sensors

As part of an extensive range of linear sensors, Positek supplies a selection of intrinsically safe sensors that are specifically designed for use in potentially explosive environments

Intrinsically safe equipment systems provide a safe operating environment for personnel and equipment by restricting the electrical energy transmitted into a hazardous area. Unlike an explosion proof sensor, intrinsically safe sensors are physically unable to produce a spark strong enough to cause ignition. This is what makes the Positek intrinsically safe sensor one of the safest linear position measurement devices on the market. All of our intrinsically safe position sensors must be used with a galvanically isolated three port amplifier, designed to supply the sensor with a nominal 5V and to transmit the buffered output to a safe area. We also supply a range of current limiting devices that can be used alongside most linear potentiometers. 

Not only do they eliminate the threat of an explosion, but as with every linear position sensor that we produce, our intrinsically safe sensors harness Positek’s patented, non-contact technology. The benefits of a contactless position sensor include added durability and reliability, even in the harshest of environments, over alternative technologies such as magnetostrictive linear position sensor and LVDTs.

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If our standard range of intrinsically safe equipment does not fulfil your requirements, we can customise any intrinsically safe sensor within our range to meet your specification. Please contact a member of our engineering team about your position sensor design today.

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