Dust Application Sensors

As the UK’s leading industrial position sensor manufacturer, Positek supplies a number of rotary sensors suited for applications that are exposed to combustible dust and other dust hazards. 

Our sensors, which offer explosive dust protection, operate on the basis of intrinsic safety. Using a galvanically isolated three port amplifier, our intrinsically safe systems restrict the flow of electrical energy into a hazardous area, eliminating the threat of a dust explosion by ensuring any sparks created are insufficient to cause ignition. 

All of our intrinsically safe sensors have met various dust explosion classification standards, having earned one of more of the following certifications:

    •   ATEX approval
    •   IECEx approval
    •   CSA approval.

Applications in woodworking, recycling and chemical manufacturing are just a handful of those that can produce potentially combustible dust. In fact, any workplace that generates dust is potentially at risk of a dust explosion, and must implement only machinery that has met the necessary hazardous area classification standards.

With over 25 years’ experience in rotary position sensor design, Positek has the flexibility to customise any sensor within our range to meet your specification. We offer a free design service, and unlike with many rvdt manufacturers, all of our products are customised on site. This means your personalised IECEx, ATEX, or CSA approved sensor could be shipped out to you in as little as 1-2 working days.

Find a Sensor

To view our full range of intrinsically safe rotary sensors, suited for applications in environments that produce or are exposed to combustible dust, click hereVarious IP sealing options give excellent water and dust protection.

Additional hazardous area equipment, such as our galvanically isolated three port amplifier, and a range of current limiting devices designed to be used with the rotary potentiometer, can be found here.

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