Mining Application Sensors

Positek manufactures a range of rotary sensors that are well suited to applications in mining safety equipment

Due to the high volumes of coal extraction, crushing and transportation that takes place within a mining environment, the risk of a coal dust explosion is high. In order to mitigate these risks, workers must ensure that the correct hazardous area equipment, such as Positek’s intrinsically safe industrial position sensor technology, is installed wherever necessary. 

Positek’s rotary position sensor solutions are suited to applications in mining safety equipment because they are designed based on the principals of intrinsic safety. By restricting the flow of electrical energy into a harsh environment, the threat of a coal dust explosion can be eliminated. This is because any sparks that might occur as the result of an electrical failure will be insufficient to cause ignition. 

Having attained one or more of the following accreditations, all of Positek’s intrinsically safe sensors are qualified for use in mining equipment applications across the World: 

    •   ATEX approval
    •   IECEx approval
    •   CSA approval

Not only is our mining safety equipment recognised by the industry’s leading certification services, every sensor within the range benefits from the use of our unique inductive sensor technology, and operates without depreciation in all applications.

What sets us apart from many rvdt manufacturers is our onsite production facility, which enables us to offer shorter lead times than any of our competitors. Paired with our 25+ years’ experience, we can customise any of the ATEX, IECEx or CSA approved sensors within our range, and dispatched it to you in as little as 1-2 working days.

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Click here to view our range of rotary sensors suitable for applications in coal mining equipment. We also carry a range of galvanically isolated three port amplifiers and current limiting devices suitable for use alongside our mining equipment and the rotary potentiometer.

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