Position Sensing Technology

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Position Sensing Technology

Position sensors detect the position of a given object, whether that be in a linear or rotary fashion. Different types of position sensors use different position sensing technologies to do so. The type of technology used will usually be determined by the requirements of the application as well as the environment the position sensor will be used in. 


Different types of Position Sensing Technology 


To accurately select the device with the correct position sensing technology, it’s important to know the application requirements. If you have precise specifications, we are able to design and build custom position sensors using our own technology described below. 


Positek PIPs Technology 


Our very own position sensing technology is called PIPs (Positek Inductive Position Sensor Technology) and is a non-contacting technology which, in itself, allows for longer life as there is less friction and therefore less wear and tear on parts. It is split into 3 categories depending on what kind of position you are measuring; LIPs for Linear, RIPS for Rotary and TIPS form Tilt. Our technology is similar to that of an LVDT but we only use one coil which is high frequency improving stroke length and stroke to length ratio. 


Capacitive Sensing Technology


Capacitive sensors are also non-contacting, they can sense the movement or position of an object using electrical charge and the amplitude on AC voltage. The results are not affected by changes in the conductivity of the object being measured making them suited to metals. 


Ultrasonic Sensing Technology


Ultrasonic sensors use sound waves to determine the distance of an object. They emit short sharp, high frequency sound pulses, the distance is measured based on the rate they are reflected back to the sensor. They offer high accuracy on small movements and changes are maintenance free. 


Eddy Current Sensing Technology


Eddy Current Sensing is similar to our PIPS technology as they also use a coil. They are well suited to extreme environments and are highly accurate. 


Advantages of using PIPs Sensors


As with all the above technologies, being non-contacting instantly gives our sensors a longer life span, this is because there is little to no friction and so wear and tear is at a minimum. Our sensors also guarantee 

  • Robustness 
  • High reliability

Our sensors are also well used and proven in extreme applications in industries such as mining or marine. 


Take a look at our range of products here. 


As well as our range of standard products, we can also build a custom design for you. This means that no aspect of the application will be compromised. Because we have an onsite production facility we can guarantee that your custom designed and built sensor can be delivered to you in as little as 1-2 working days. 


For more information on our products or the position sensing technology we can offer please contact us. 

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