What is an Inclinometer?

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What is an Inclinometer?

An inclinometer, also known as a tilt sensor, is a device used for the measurement of the slope or angle of an object with reference to gravity. They are part of our extensive product range here at Positek.


What is an Inclinometer?


Inclinometers are one of the most common types of sensor on the market today, with new machines,technologies and innovations growing fast, there is a demand for inclinometers.


They measure the angle of the chosen object in relation to gravity. Inclinometers are used tohelp detect the inclination, angle, tilt or orientation of a chosen object or vehicle. The specifications of inclinometers vary based on the customer applications.


What is an inclinometer used for?


Because they are robust and suitable for harsh environments, inclinometers are used throughout many industries. Some applications include;


  • Off-shore oil rigs
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Marine applications
  • Aerospace applications such as orientation of aircraft with reference to gravity
  • Tip-over protection on cranes and dump trucks
  • Monitoring bucket angles on mobile vehicles such as cranes and construction vehicles


Some inclinometers may be closer than you think, inside a smartphone there is a small tilt sensor which detects the angle of the phone to help with the screen orientation when the phone is tilted.


Features of Our Inclinometers


Here at Positek, we design and manufacture a wide range of sensors including Inclinometers. Some of the features of our inclinometers include;

  • Patented contactless technology
  • Extended life cycle
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Outstanding performance
  • Custom designs where required
  • Fast delivery - despatched within 1-2 working days
  • High sensitivity - ensuring the ability to react to small changes
  • Large measurement range - some up to 60 degrees.
  • Environmental sealing IP67 or IP68


Our tilt sensors also possess features to help overcome common barriers within applications, these include


Noise Tolerance - Our inclinometers have noise tolerance to ensure there are no distortions caused by noise which can result in a less efficient system.


Intrinsically Safe Certifications - this ensures they are safe to use in hazardous environments


For more information on ourInclinometers please contact us: +44(0)1242 820027 or email sales@positek.com 

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