This sensor at a glance

Linear Position to 175 inches 

Available Stroke Ranges: See individual datasheets

Output Signal: Incremental Encoder / Voltage Divider / 4...20mA, 20...4mA / 0–5, 0–10, –5–+5, –10–+10 VDC

Accuracy: 0.5%

Repeatability: 0.1%

Resolution: Essentially Infinite 

The SR Series Cable Extension Transducer is designed for outdoor and IP67 environments. It is rugged and low cost, originally designed for off road construction equipment.

The construction of the SR Series Cable Extension Transducer is designed to withstand the impact from harsh environments and rugged conditions.

SR1A - Voltage Divider Output - max measurement range 0–175 in. 

SR1E - Incremental Encoder  - max measurement range 175 in.

SR1M - 4...20mA, 20...4mA - max measurement range 175in. 

SR1V - 0–5, 0–10, –5–+5, –10–+10 VDC - max measurement range 175in. 

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