P112 Gauge Head Position Sensor

Position feedback for industrial and scientific applications


This sensor at a glance

Available in any measurement range from 0-5mm to 0-50mm

Longer operating life than a potentiometer

Fast delivery options available

Body Diameter: 19mm

Sensor Mounting: 1/2" UNF Thread

Spring loaded plunger

Sealed to IP67

Independent Linearity:
< ±0.25%
< ±0.1% option available

Resolution: Infinite

Temperature range: -40° to +125°C (depending on electronics version)

The P112 is a very compact, durable, affordable, high accuracy linear inductive position sensor with a good stroke to overall length ratio; designed for gauge head positioning in scientific and industrial applications.

Like all Positek sensors the P112 provides a linear output that is proportional to the displacement. Each unit is supplied calibrated to the exact travel required by the customer, the P112 is available with any travel from 0-5mm to 0-50mm. For example, if your application requires 3/4" (19 mm) measurement then Positek will manufacture the sensor specifically for this length. The calibration will be set up for 19 mm. The overall performance, repeatability and stability are outstanding over a wide temperature range. The sensor is very robust, manufactured from stainless steel the P112 has a long service life and strong environmental resistance and is particularly suitable for applications that require good sensor performance in harsh environments such as industrial machinery where cost is important.

The P112 has a spring loaded plunger with a dome end and the body has a long 1/2" UNF mounting thread and is supplied with two lock nuts for positioning. Sealing is IP67 and the P112 has fully integrated EMC protection.


Body Diameter
Body Length
See drawing
Mounting Thread Length
Spring Force
1.5-4.5N (Approximately)
Any stroke from 0-5mm to 0-50mm (e.g. 19mm)
Independent Linearity
<±0.25% at 20°C
<±0.1% available on request
Temperature Coefficient
<±0.1%/°C Gain & <±0.01%/FS/°C Offset
See Graph

<0.02% FSO

Frequency Response

>10KHz (-3dB)

Output Signal and Output Load

Output Signal
Output Load
0.5 to 4.5 V DC ratiometric
5k Ohms min
0.5 to 4.5 V DC
5k Ohms min
0.5 to 9.5 V DC ratiometric
5k Ohms min
4 to 20mA
300 Ohms max
Supply Current
10 mA Typical 20 mA max + O/P Current


EMC Susceptibility
EN 61000-6-2
EMC Radiated
EN 61000-6-3
IEC 68-2-6: 10g
IEC 68-2-29: 40g
350,000 hrs 40°C Gf
IP65 (connector) / IP67 (cable)
Electrical Connections
Screened cable or integral connector

Positek offers a range of options for its standard sensors. Each sensor is manufactured to suit each customer's preferences. If your requirement is outside the options given below, Positek can modify/ redesign a sensor to suit your specific requirement. Standard options are available as below:

Measurement Range

Factory set to any length from 0-5mm to 0-50mm in increments of 1mm. For example, if your application requires 3/4" (19mm) measurement, then Positek will manufacture the sensor specifically for this length. The mechanical length and calibration will be set up for 19mm.

Electronic Options

Output Signal
Supply Input
Option Code

0.5V to 4.5V DC ratiometric
+5V DC nom. ±0.5V
0.5V-4.5V DC
+9-28V DC nom. 24V
0.5-9.5V DC
+13-28V DC nom 24VC
4 to 20mA
+13-28V DC nom 24VH

Connector/Cable Options

Option Code
Connector - Axial, IP67, M12 4 pin
Connector - Radial, IP67, M12 4 pin
Cable with PG9 gland Axial, Gland IP67
Cable with boot, Radial IP67
Cable length - The standard length of cable supplied with a Positek position sensor is 50cm although you can specify any length you require.
Specified in cm after the L or I e.g. L200 for 200cm cable from axial cable gland

<+/-0.1% FSO Linearity error (10mm minimum stroke length) 
Option Code

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