Cable Extension Transducers

Positek Ltd now offers a full range of Cable Extension Transducers

Cable Extension Transducers have different names and are also referred to as; string pots draw wire sensors, cable actuated sensors.

A cable extension transducer is a type of position sensor which measures and detects linear position through the use of a extendable cable and a spring loaded spool.

Cable extension transducers are used to precisely measure linear position in a range of environments. They are generally robust meaning they can be used in wet, dirty or out-door surroundings.

Our range of cable extension transducers can be easily installed, many come with a mounting bracket. They offer a wide range of stroke lengths from 25mm up to 43m.

Uses for Cable Extension Transducers

Cable extension transducers are an alternative way of measuring linear position and can be used for the following;• Crane control
• Hoists
• Platform levelling
• Material handlings
• Hydraulic cylinder positioning
• Transportation systems
• Ferry loading ramps
• Flight simulators
• Bridge lifting and repositioning

Types of Cable Extension Transducer

We have a range of different cable extension transducers, they have different features to be taken into consideration when selecting one for your application.

Light industrial cable extension transducers - these cable extension transducers are more suited to indoor applications. They are available in a variety of signal outputs and do not require critical alignment to function.

Plastic Housed Cable Extension Transducers - including the SM, SP, SG and SR series. This range of cable extension transducers suitable for a vast range of applications as they are modular, compact and easy to install.

Heavy Duty Industrial and Extended Range Cable Extension Transducers - this range offers reliable performance in the harshest environments and can be used both indoors and outdoors with sealing to IP68. With the extended range, they can measure up to 43m.

Motorsport Cable Extension Transducers - the miniature range of cable extension transducers we offer are particularly suited to applications in motorsport as they can fit into small spaces. They can be mounted on irregularly shaped structures making them suitable for applications in crash testing, structural tests and monitoring vehicle suspensions.

Test and Automation Cable Extension Transducers - with excellent linearity and ultra smooth mechanisms makes this range suitable for structural test applications.

Cable Extension Transducers from Positek

Cable Extension Transducers are new to our range - see them in the product section of our website. If you require further information on these products please contact us.

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