A Guide to Position Sensor Technology

Position sensors typically detect linear distance or rotational movement. Linear position sensors or linear transducers measure movement along a straight line. On the other hand, objects that rotate around an axis use angular or rotational sensors.

Distinguishing different types of linear position sensors

Each piece and kind of Linear transducer suits a particular application. Buyers need to know the exact nature of the sensor required by the requirements of the application. If needed, Positek can design a custom position sensor with precise specifications.

Capacitance sensor. This type of Linear position sensor uses non-contact technology and measures the voltage difference applied to the sensor and the moving object.

Eddy-current sensor. This is a linear transducer which consists of two coils. The active coil is affected by conducting current from the target, while the other coil completes the circuit and compensates for the temperature difference.

Photoelectric sensor. The working principle of this type of sensor relies on detecting and projecting light. Examples of photoelectric sensors include fibre optics and optical triangulation.

Ultrasonic sensor. This type of Position sensor relies on the detection and projection of sound.

Linear potentiometers. Potentiometers are the most common type of linear position sensor. It uses the object's resistance to determine displacement.

There are also different linear position sensor outputs to choose from. In addition to selecting the type of sensor and output, sensors are further categorised according to environmental sealing and intrinsic safety. These parameters identify the suitability of a specific sensor to an application.

The advantage of Positek’s patented non-contact sensor technology

In many industrial applications, positions sensors get exposed to extreme working conditions which may affect the sensor's performance. Positek manufactures sensors using a patented non-contact technology which guarantees robustness and measurement reliability. With non-contacting parts, Positek’s sensor is not prone to damage caused by wear and tear. These sensors are compatible with extreme applications in the mining industry and even for marine applications.

Positek has a wide range of products to choose from. From linear sensors, cylinder position sensors, and submersible transducers, you can rely on Positek to produce only the best sensors using the highest quality materials.

Aside from sensors, you can buy off the shelf, Positek also offers custom-designed positions sensors for a variety of applications. They will connect you with a product engineer to collaborate with the sensor design of your choice. From planning and execution, Positek will deliver the exact sensor you need in a matter of days.

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