Buyers Guide on Custom Position Sensors

Displacement sensors have become an indispensable component of modern machinery. With continuous innovation, sensors have become more robust and versatile, paving the way for advanced applications and uses. Positek has over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of linear position sensors and other kinds of displacement sensors. They are a trusted supplier by many industries.

Customisation is one of the special services Positek offers. In comparison with other companies offering the same service, we are able to complete a customised position sensor request in less time.

Benefits of customisation

There are many issues and challenges faced by engineers when using Position sensor and other traditional sensing methods in designing, building, and using a machine in various applications. For example, when it is being used in harsh environments, there are instances when a linear transducer becomes affected by moisture, dust, and other elements. This can cause the device to become unreliable, and worse even break down.

This situation calls for a solution where the engineer is able to find a replacement linear position sensor that is a perfect fit and functions without interference from elements. Customisation becomes the ideal solution to these situations and Positek can respond to most requests for customisation.

Advanced sensor technology

Customising sensors provides an avenue for eliminating the limitations of previous sensing technology. Positek’s patented technology uses an inductive technique consisting of a single coil. This makes the custom linear position sensor less prone to breakage and damage and also allows for making sensors of compact design.

Another feature of custom linear position sensor is that it can offer a more precise, and contactless measurement regardless of whether it is being used in regular or harsh environments. Aside from this, customisation also helps manufacturers design sensors that are smaller and more compact. For example, Positek can custom produce Cylinder position sensors of almost any shape and size.

Replacing traditional lvdt and linear transducer with custom contactless sensor technology helps engineers save on the time and cost of retrofitting machines when sensors break down. There is also greater flexibility in the application of machines in extreme environmental conditions.

There is an increased demand for sensors that can fit into tight spaces, whilst still being able to function with higher accuracy than before. In this regard, customisation is the best way to overcome the limitations experienced by sensor manufacturers in the past.

Positek responds to this need by ensuring that the patented, non-contact technology used for each custom sensor, eliminates all possible issues that can be encountered. Positek custom sensors are robust and durable and perfect for use in any type of condition. You can call our engineers today and get a consultation on how to custom design the sensor you need.

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