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A day on a construction site

Several companies have joined forces in the Variohm Group and expanded their knowledge through the expertise of the others. Nevertheless, each of the companies continues to work independently, but they all have one thing in common. Their products are often used in a wide variety of industries. Whether they are built into the machines used to manufacture other products or if they are built directly into a terminal device, the Group's products can be found everywhere. The products of Positek can be used on a construction site.


Production of building material

For roads, houses, bridges, or tunnels it is necessary to have natural aggregate. Types of natural aggregate include sand, gravel, and crushed stone. It is a key ingredient in concrete but also essential for sub-bases or foundations. Therefore, before starting to build a house or pour a foundation for a house, aggregate is needed. Cone crushers are used for this purpose. Cone crushers process feed material to a specific grain size, which can range from sand to crushed stone. Linear position sensors are used in these machines to monitor the size of the aggregate output and are manufactured from stainless steel for long life and strong environmental resistance.

The manufacture of building material can lead to the presence of combustible dust. An intrinsically safe rotary sensor approved by IECEX, ATEX and CSA will ensure that there is no risk of the dust being ignited. With the use of a galvanically isolated 3-port amplifier, our intrinsically safe equipment ensures that there is not sufficient electrical energy whin the hazardous zone to create a spark under normal or fault condition which could ignite the dust.

Use of the building material

After the appropriate material is made, you can start the foundation and the house. For this purpose, cranes are used to lift the pre-cast walls and with the help of other workers and machines are fixed in its proper place. Cranes use hydraulic cylinder pressure sensors to ensure that the pressure applied at one end is the same as the pressure created at the other end. The sensors offer outstanding performance, repeatability, and stability even when operating in harsh conditions.


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Article published on: 22/02/2023

Article last updated on: 22/02/2023