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Gauge Head Position Sensors

We are experts in standard and custom linear position sensor design. We have decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying linear position sensors worldwide.

As part of our range of linear sensors, we manufacture a form of inductive sensor specifically designed for gauge head positioning in industrial and scientific applications.

Our unique inductive sensor technology lends itself well to gauge head positioning and measures position feedback in the same way as a spring loaded lvdt. As with every sensor that we produce, our gauge head position sensor solutions use contactless technology to ensure unrivalled reliability and accuracy in harsh environments.

As well as being very compact and offering a good stroke to length ratio, our gauge head position sensor technology is extremely robust. With a long service life and strong environmental resistance, this type of linear displacement sensor is well suited to harsh or high vibration applications.

What is a Gauge Head Position Sensor?

A gauge head position sensor is a specialised sensor which is required for many different working parts of machines. A head gauge is a calibrated device which provides visual representation of liquid level. A gauge head position sensor is required to calibrate a head gauge and this is especially required if the application requires it to be stationed on an incline.

The purpose of a gauge head position sensor is to ensure that the level read is the true vertical level. This is used in many scientific and industrial applications.

Benefits of using a Positek Gauge Head Position Sensor

There are many options when it comes to selecting a gauge head position senor. At Positek we use our own unique technology which gives our sensor many benefits including unrivalled stroke to length ratio.

Efficiency of an engine is affected by many factors. One factor that plays a major role is the aspect ratio of an engine’s cylinders. This is defined by the stroke to length ratio. An excellent stroke to length ratio will ensure that the machine functions efficiently.

Within many applications, position sensors are subjected to extreme working conditions. This includes exposure to high or low temperatures, high pressure environments, and other harsh elements. These factors alone can cause damage, corrosion, and breakage. Our sensors are tough and durable ensuring they can withstand these harsh conditions and still produce accurate results.

Our sensors use a non-contacting operating principle which gives them a long wear-free life, in contrast to some contacting alternatives.

Our sensors are manufactured onsite and have options for customisation. This means that you can select a sensor which is a perfect fit for your application.

Gauge Head Position Sensors from Positek

Do you have an application requiring a gauge head position sensor? Take a look at our full range here.

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Article published on: 17/05/2022

Article last updated on: 17/05/2022