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Inclinometer Definition

What is the definition of an Inclinometer?

An inclinometer is a type of sensor used for measuring the slope or angle of an object concerning gravity. They are also known as tilt sensors and are part of our extensive range of position sensors here at Positek.

Inclinometers are extremely common and are often in high demand with new machines, technologies and innovations growing constantly.

Because they measure the angle of the chosen concerning gravity, inclinometers are used to help detect inclination, angle, tilt, or orientation. Our inclinometers can be customised to suit specific applications.

Inclinometer Applications

Inclinometers are highly robust which makes them suitable for harsh environments. They are used throughout many industries. Some applications include;

  • Aerospace applications such as orientation of aircraft concerning gravity
  • Bucket angle monitoring on mobile vehicles for example cranes and other construction vehicles
  • Tip-over protection on cranes, dump trucks etc
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Off-shore oil rigs
  • Marine applications

Very small inclinometers are used within smartphones and tablets for the screen rotating function when the device is tilted. This is one of the many applications which is in high demand in recent years.

Inclinometers from Positek

We design and manufacture our own range of inclinometers using our unique technology. Some of the features of our inclinometers include:

  • Unique contactless technology
  • Long life
  • Outstanding reliability and performance
  • Highly sensitive
  • Large measurement range - some up to 60 degrees.
  • Protection rated – IP67/IP68
  • Custom designs options
  • Fast delivery even on custom designs

To set them apart from other types of inclinometers, our products also include:

Noise Tolerance – a high noise tolerance means that our inclinometers are not compromised by external noise which may be present in an application. This makes gives them even higher efficiency.

Intrinsically Safe Certifications – as with all our own products, we have a range of inclinometers that have intrinsically safe certifications making them safe to use in hazardous environments.

For more information on our Inclinometers please contact us: +44(0)1242 820027 or email sales@positek.co

Article published on: 11/08/2021

Article last updated on: 11/08/2021