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Industrial And Scientific Rotary Sensors

As the UK’s leading industrial and scientific position sensor manufacturer, we provide sophisticated and reliable solutions for a multitude of applications.

Offering the accuracy and cycle-life that cannot be matched by a precision potentiometer, our rotary sensor technology is ideal for high precision angle measurement in challenging environments including industrial and scientific applications.

Our sensors have served a host of industry sectors, from medical and military to subsea and aerospace, each time delivering unrivalled reliability and an exceptionally low failure rate.  

This is largely down to the universal use of our own, non-contact technology. Unlike many other types of sensor, every high precision position sensor that we manufacture uses our unique inductive technology and operates without interference or wear.  

Features of our Industrial and Scientific Rotary Sensors

Our industrial and scientific rotary sensors have the following features to ensure they are well suited to the industry.

  • Extremely robust
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Unparalleled accuracy and performance over a wide temperature range

Industrial and Scientific Rotary Sensors From Positiek

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For more information on our industrial and scientific rotary sensors please contact us. As well as our standard range we are also able to offer custom designs with short lead times. Contact us today.

Article published on: 24/03/2022

Article last updated on: 22/09/2022