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Intrinsically Safe Positek Position Sensors for Dust Environments

Dust environments is hazardous to sensors and may cause potential explosions. Intrinsically safe position sensors manufactured by Positek are suitable for harsh environments including exposure to dust and other combustible elements.

The working environment has a significant effect on choosing the right type of sensor for a specific application. External elements and contaminants such as dust affect the lifespan and performance of a sensor, like in the case of contacting sensors. For most industrial applications, the challenging conditions including the exposure to vibration, extreme temperature, corrosive compounds, dust, and dirt are factors that every engineer has to take into account when choosing instrumentation for a mechanical assembly.


How is a hazardous working environment defined?

The simplest way to understand a hazardous environment is through specific applications of position sensors. Intrinsically safe linear sensors are typically used in oil mining rigs, power plants, and sewage treatment facilities. In these conditions, a sensor is exposed to combustible dust and gases.

When sensors are exposed to these contaminants, the components of the device could breakdown and malfunction. Frequent replacements are not ideal because it causes a delay in operations and expensive in the long run. With Positek's intrinsically safe sensors, engineers are assured that the instrument will perform exceptionally even with frequent exposure to these conditions.


Why is dust hazardous to position sensors and other electromechanical devices?

In the mining industry, for example, dust and gas can ignite from sparks produced by electrical circuits. Sensors with standard specifications like ordinary LVDTs have a high input voltage range. The voltage output is also enough to ignite particles and dust and cause dangerous explosions. Most linear sensors, when used in extreme applications require Ingress Protection Ratings. This system classifies the level of protection a device has against foreign matter infiltration. Positek sensors with hermetic sealing have IP 67/68 rating which protects the internal components from external elements.



How capable are Positek's sensors in ensuring safety when exposed to dust environment?

Intrinsically safe dust environment sensors manufactured by Positek are considered some of the most reliable in the industry because the device limits the amount of electrical energy required to function. With almost negligible voltage, the sensor is incapable of producing sparks that usually cause combustion. Another feature of Positek's intrinsically safe sensors is that each device does not require an external box for housing. With ATEX and IECEx certification, Positek sensors are safe to use in almost any type of hazardous environment.


Positek's intrinsically safe sensors product range

The E series sensors manufactured by Positek are explicitly designed for dust environments. The following are specifications of the most popular products we have in our inventory:

• E100 Cylinder Linear Position Sensor ATEX and IECEx certified in potentially explosive gas environments. The sensor design is suited for demanding pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder installations. It features IP67 hermetic sealing and has infinite measurement resolution.
• E101 Stand Along Linear Position Sensor Product is available in a measurement range of 0-5mm to 0-88mm with a longer life cycle than a traditional potentiometer. Sensor mounting options include M5 rod eyes, body clamp, M5 thread, and spring-loaded pushrod.
• E103 Short Stroke Linear Position Sensor Operating temperature range is -40°C to +80°C. Sensor mounting options include a flange and spring-loaded pushrod. Measurement range options are 0-2mm and 0-50mm. Specifically designed for use in applications that require short-bodied sensors that meet intrinsic safety requirements.

Positek has an extensive range of products designed for dust environments. All of these products are manufactured using a patented non-contact inductive technology ensuring the robustness and reliability of these sensors.


Why choose Positek sensors?

Positek adheres to the strict standards of intrinsic safety in industrial applications of sensors. Agencies responsible for certifying ATEX and IECEx products inspect manufacturing practices before they award said certification. With Positek's capability to maintain these certifications, buyers are assured that they are only buying from one of the best and most reliable sensor manufacturers in the industry.

Positek has been manufacturing sensors for more than 25 years and now specialise in catering to the needs of industrial buyers. We have a full inventory of sensors with standard specifications suited for almost every form of application in industrial settings.

If you require unique parameters and specifications for the sensor you need, do not hesitate to contact our specialist team for assistance regarding customisation. All custom sensors are designed by our expert engineering team and manufactured in an on-site facility. The process of designing, building, and shipping your custom sensor will only take several days.

Article published on: 24/04/2019

Article last updated on: 24/04/2019