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Rotation Sensor Definition

Rotation Sensors are a type of sensor used for measuring rotary displacement.  They can measure these rotary movements in either clockwise or anticlockwise directions.

Rotation sensors are used in a variety of environments and applications to ensure the components within the device are working correctly. They are available in different technologies and each one has their own way of working with different advantages.  

Types of Rotation Sensor

Positek Inductive Technology – Positek inductive sensors are non-contacting rotary sensors, they come from our sister company. The technology they use is non-contacting and was invented by the team at Positek.

Positek Inductive Position Sensors, or PIPS, work in a similar way to RVDTs or Eddy current sensors but have multiple benefits including; temperature resistance, highly robust and can be customised.

Intrinsically safe rotation sensors - We have a range of intrinsically safe rotary sensors with ATEX/IECEx and CSA approval. This range of rotary sensors is suitable for environments where there are risks of explosion.

Submersible rotation sensors – Our submersible rotary sensors are fully waterproof to 3,500 meters. As with all our sensors, they offer outstanding performance and guaranteed long life.

There are other types of rotation sensor technologies, these include;

  • Hall effect
  • Potentiometer
  • Encoder
  • RVDT

Rotation Sensor Applications

Rotation sensors are used for different applications in a wide variety of industries and environments. Some of these applications include;

  • Test and measurement applications
  • CCTV cameras -precise angle measurement on the camera
  • OEM solutions
  • Robotic applications - measuring precise arm angles
  • Medical applications – many medical devices require the use of rotary sensors
  • Valve positioning
  • Machine tool
  • Crane positioning
  • Speed measurement – in various vehicles
  • Telescopic position
  • Motorsport applications – throttle position, steering and pedal position
  • A wide variety of applications in industrial environments.  

Rotation Sensors Positek

We have a full range of rotation sensors suitable for various environment. Browse our full range on our Rotary Sensors page.

For more information on rotation sensors or to discuss your application please contact us.


Article published on: 16/06/2021

Article last updated on: 16/06/2021