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Waterproof Sensors

Our waterproof sensors are suitable for use in wastewater and off-shore oil drilling.

The term â€waterproof sensors" covers sensors which are splash proof, usable in humid environments, or used in underwater applications. Our waterproof sensors are submersible and can withstand long term submission in depths of up to 3,500 meters.






Because they are robust, our waterproof sensors are also well suited to applications in harsh environments where water or other non-corrosive liquids may be present.






Ourwaterproof sensors are suitable for use in wastewater and off-shore oil drilling.






Waterproof Sensor Features






Our waterproof sensors are manufactured within our facility to an extremely high standard. When working in sub-sea environments, waterproof sensors must be very resilient as they will be under a huge amount of pressure under the water.






Our waterproof sensors have the following conditions



  • Highly durable


  • Long life


  • Outstanding performance


  • Accurate measurements


  • Constructed of fine grade stainless steel





Types of Waterproof Sensors






At Positek, we specialise in position sensors for extreme environments. We have a range of sensors with ATEX approvals for hazardous environments. Our submersible waterproof sensors can be used underwater for long periods of time.






Waterproof Linear Sensors






Our waterproof linear sensors are well suited to applications in lift stations, wet wells, underwater oil mining and refineries. They have the capacity to function in pressure of up to 5,000psi meaning they can even be used in deep sea conditions.






Waterproof Tilt Sensors




Our waterproof tilt sensors are also suitable for deep sea applications, we have standard and custom options available. They are small in size and extremely reliable giving precise information even at depths of up to 3,500m.






Waterproof Rotary Sensors

Our waterproof rotary sensors are often used as an alternative to an RVDT in subsea applications. As with all of our products, we have a standard range and custom options available. Our waterproof rotary sensors are highly reliable and extremely robust.






Waterproof Sensors from Positek




All of our waterproof sensors use our own non-contacting technology offering high reliability and accuracy. Take a look at our submersible sensors section on our website for more information.





For more information on our waterproof sensors contact us and we would be happy to discuss your application.



Article published on: 07/11/2019

Article last updated on: 07/11/2019