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What is a Linear Transducer?

A Linear Transducer is a type of position sensor which is used to measure movement in a linear fashion.

A Linear Transducer is a type of position sensor which is used to measure movement in a linear fashion. They do this by converting the linear displacement into electrical signals proportional to the displacement making it usable by machines.


Different linear transducers will be able to measure different movements. Some extremely small movements and some much larger depending on the requirements of the application. Some linear transducers are also better suited to certain environments with certifications such as hazardous area or intrinsically safe.

How does a Linear Transducer Work?

A linear transducer is also called an LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) and uses primary and secondary windings and a circular core in the middle of the sensor. The primary windings are triggered with an AC supply producing a magnetic field which creates a signal for the secondary windings. The object which requires position measurement is attached to the rod end which moves the core when displaced. The core's movement causes the primary and secondary coils to have a change in voltage which gives a different output and the position can therefore be determined and measured continuously.

At Positek our Linear Transducers differ from LVDTs as they only use one set of coils with far fewer turns, this improves the stroke to length ratio and improves the overall durability of the transducer. Because our products are designed and manufactured on-site we can offer custom solutions to your applications. We offer short lead times - as little as 1-2 working days - contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is a Linear Transducer used for?

Linear transducers are well used throughout many industries from aerospace to Motorsports, medical to industrial and many more, anything which requires movement in a linear fashion will require the use of a linear sensor which could be a transducer.

Some of the applications which our linear transducers have been used for are;

  • Laboratory automation


  • Workshop automation


  • Factory automation


  • Industrial gauging


  • Hydraulic accumulators


  • Power turbines


  • Aircraft wing deflection


  • Communication satellites


Linear transducers from Positek

Our linear transducers are available as off the shelf products or custom designs depending on the application in hand.

Our linear transducers are non-contact giving them dependable long life. They are also well suited to applications where space is limited, they are extremely robust, reliable and highly accurate with stroke lengths up to 800mm.

We use our own non-contact technology for all of our linear position sensors with the highest quality materials and advanced manufacturing methods. We have over 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying position sensors. Contact us to discuss your application.



Article published on: 29/08/2019

Article last updated on: 29/08/2019