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What is a Transducer?

A transducer is a device which converts physical measurements into an electrical signal and/or the opposite way; converting electrical signals into physical measurements.

Using the term transducer usually refers to a sensor although not always.

Types of Transducer

There are two main types of transducer; an input transducer and an output transducer.

An input transducer takes the energy or measurement and converts it into electricity, this is the type of transducer which most sensors are. Our linear transducers take motion and convert it into electrical signals. Other examples include a microphone which takes soundwaves and converts them into electrical signals which pass through to the speaker/amplifier. Or a digital thermometer which takes temperature and converts it into electrical signals to display the temperature in an easily readable format.

An output transducer does the opposite and converts the electrical signals into a different form of energy. Following on from the microphone example, the speaker/ amplifier is a type of output transducer, it takes the electrical signals from the microphone and converts them back into soundwaves.

What is a Transducer Used for?

â€Transducer" is such a broad term and can be used to describe many different devices, some of which are all around us (light bulbs, thermometers, speakers etc). However, from a more industrial view point, transducers are well suited to HVAC monitoring applications, engine controls, steering systems on vehicles, bridge raising systems.

Transducers from Positek

Our linear transducers are very similar to LVDTs but with added benefits; a better stroke to length ratio and only one coil adds extra reliability. Our linear transducers are custom built in our facility within 1-2 working days so contact us if you have a bespoke application.

More recently we have added Pressure Transducers to our product portfolio. These are from our sister company Variohm Eurosensor. With pressure ranges up to 5,000 bar and features for extreme environments, these pressure transducers are highly reliable and suited for a range of applications.

For more information on any of our transducers or any of the products in our portfolio please contact us.

Article published on: 25/11/2019

Article last updated on: 25/11/2019