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What is an Inductive Sensor?

An Inductive Sensor is a type of non-contacting position sensor. They use alternating electrical currents to measure either Linear or Rotary displacement.

At Positek, we offer an extensive range of various inductive position sensors. Our sensors are well suited for various applications in almost any industry.

There are different types of technology that can be classed as “inductive”. Our inductive sensors use our technology which is similar to that of an LVDT or an RVDT. Our PIPS sensors have added benefits such as improved stroke to length ratio and higher reliability. 

Using our own technology for our inductive sensors enables us to be able to design and manufacture sensors to customer specifications that are extremely robust and offer high accuracy.

What is an Inductive Sensor from Positek?

We have many years in the sensors and transducers market, particularly for sensors within industries including automotive and aerospace. Our team of engineers have developed position sensors that are compact, durable, robust and above all, highly reliable. 

Our sensors have a unique working principle. They contain a sensing coil and a non-magnetic target. Unlike other options, they contain a single coil giving a better stroke to length ratio and making them less likely to break or fracture. They also contain integrated electronics, so no other devices are required. This makes our inductive sensors excellent for applications in small spaces.

What is an Inductive Sensor Used For?

Inductive sensors measure displacement which makes them suitable for most position applications. Our sensors are suitable for use within a variety of industries.  

We have a range of industrial sensors for specific environments, an intrinsically safe inductive sensor range and a submersible inductive sensor range. This makes them suited to applications within these areas which other types of position sensors may not be capable of.   

Some application fields for Inductive Sensors are;

  • Manufacturing
  • Automation Technology
  • Aerospace Applications
  • Packaging Industry
  • Food and Drink Machinery
  • Paper Mill Machines
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Engineering Applications 

An inductive sensor can be used in any application where position measurement is required.

Why use an Inductive Sensor? 

Inductive sensors have many benefits. Most of these come from the fact that they are non-contacting which is a great advantage. Inductive sensors are often selected for use because they possess the following features;

  • Wear free – infinite mechanical life.
  • High accuracy, linearity, and repeatability
  • Low thermal drift
  • Maintenance free
  • Offer easy installation.
  • Robust and hard wearing.
  • High resolution

Inductive Sensors from Positek

Our inductive sensors use PIPS - Positek Inductive Position Sensing technology which is a unique technology designed in house.

PIPS sensors are available as either rotary or linear inductive sensors. Our products are manufactured onsite allowing us to design and deliver custom products within as little as one to two working days. 

Our products can be viewed on our website here;

For more information on inductive sensors please contact us


Article published on: 13/05/2021

Article last updated on: 13/05/2021