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Positek’s new S119 series precision linear position sensor is submersible and compact

Positek, the leading UK position sensor designer and manufacturer, has launched a new range of compact and space-efficient linear position feedback sensors aimed at marine, wash-down, harsh industrial, mobile machinery, and similar challenging-environment precision measurement tasks. Based on Positek’s well-proven, non-contacting inductive technology, the new S119 features a choice of industry standard output options calibrated to a user-specified travel range up to 350 mm. With typical independent linearity of ≤ ± 0.25% FSO at 20°C, the fully submersible push rod style sensor includes IP68-10 bar/IP69K environmental protection in a robust 19 mm diameter 316 stainless steel housing with a wide choice of mounting options.

Positek’s technology, a major advance in displacement sensor technology, is available in three derivative displacement measurement formats: LIPS®, RIPS® and TIPS® (Linear, Rotary and Tilt). They cost-effectively provide the simplicity of potentiometer-based sensors in a non-contacting design that convinces against alternative LVDT/RVDT and magnetostrictive sensors which have bulkier coil designs, inferior stroke-to-length ratios, and a dependence on more expensive magnetic materials. Furthermore, the technology calibrated output options (typically ratiometric, 0.5 to 4.5 or 9.5 V DC and 4…20 mA from 5 V DC or 24 V DC supplies) allow direct and straightforward integration with instrumentation systems without the need for additional signal conditioning electronics. The non-contacting absolute measurement technology does not require datum homing routines on power-up and, significantly, provides exceptionally long life and superior reliability through characteristically high shock and vibration resistance.

The LIPS technology-based S119‘s compact overall body length and 19 mm diameter housing dimensions allow installation is severely space-restricted areas. With a choice of free moving or spring return push-rods, mechanical interfacing can be M5 male threaded shafts or M5 rod eye bearing types with optional body clamps to facilitate straightforward mounting. The sensor’s impressive standard specifications include EMC performance to EN 61000-6-2, and EN 61000-6-3, an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, and a measurement frequency of > 10 kHz. Full specifications are available for download on Positek’s website. Custom modifications include improved linearity of ≤± 0.1% FSO at 20°C for a calibrated travel range above 10 mm with application-matched performance, electrical and mechanical modifications available on request.

The new S119 builds upon Positek’s wide range of linear, rotary and tilt position sensors which are used across industries as diverse as oil & gas, motorsports, mining, marine, agriculture, construction, transportation and more. The ISO9001:2015 designer and manufacturer have ATEX, IECEx and CSA certification across many product lines. For further information, please contact Positek Limited by email at sales@positek.com, call +44 (0) 1242 820027 or visit www.positek.com.

Article published on: 12/10/2021

Article last updated on: 12/10/2021