Positek Position Sensors Product Index

    Standard Submersible Intrinsically Safe
ATEX & IECEx (Ex ia) APPROVED ANZEx (Ex ia) CSA APPROVED (Ex ia) (AEx ia)
p100 Linear-Cylinder Position Sensor 5-800mm P100   X100 E100 M100 A100 G100 H100
p101 Stand Alone Linear Position Sensor 5-800mm P101   X101 E101 M101 A101 G101 H101
p101 Short Stroke Position Sensor 2-50mm P103   X103 E103 M103 A103 G103 H103
p101 Internally Mounted Cylinder Sensor 5-800mm P106   X106       G106  
p101 Stand Alone Rugged Linear Position Sensor 5-800mm P111   X111 E111 M111 A111 G111 H111
p101 Gauge Head Linear Sensor 5-50mm P112   X112 E112 M112   G112 H112
p101 10 bar Submersible Stand Alone Linear Position Sensor 5-800mm   S114 X114 E114 M114   G114 H114
p101 10bar Submersible Stand Alone Rugged Linear Position Sensor 5-800mm   S115 X115 E115 M115   G115 H115
p101 Slim-lineĀ  Linear Sensor 5-350mm P117   X117 E117 M117   G117 H117
p101 Slim-line Short Stroke Linear Sensor 2-50mm P118   X118 E118 M118 G118 H118
p101 350bar Submersible Stand Alone Rugged Linear Position Sensor 5-800mm   S125 X125 E125     G125 H125
p101 Mid Stroke Position Sensor 51-100mm P133   X133 E133 M133 A133 G133 H133
p101 Slim-line Mid Stroke Linear Sensor 51-100mm P138   X138 E138 M138 G138 H138
p101 Industrial Rotary Sensor 16-160° P500   X500 E500 M500 A500 G500 H500
p101 Miniature Rotary Sensor 30-140° P501              
p101 Small Angle Industrial Rotary Sensor 5-15° P502   X502 E502 M502 A502 G502 H502
p101 Flat Rotary Sensor Assembly 15-160° P503              
p101 Slim-line Rotary Sensor 20-160° P505   X505 E505 M505   G505 H505
p101 Large Angle Tilt Sensor 15-160° P603   X603 E603 M603 A603 G603 H603
s623 350bar Submersible Tilt Sensor 15-160°   S623 X623 E623     G623 H623
x005 picture Galvanic Isolaion Amplifier     X005 X005 X005 A005 G005 G005

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