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Classic Cable Extension Transducer Series

Classic Cable Extension Transducer Series

The Classic Cable Extension Transducer Series is perfect for slow to moderate acceleration applications in laboratory, no-hostile environments.

Suitable for applications including aircraft structural testing, hydraulic cylinder control, valve stem opening, and factory automation.

The following options are available:

  • PT420 - 4...20 mA (2-wire) and 0...20 mA (3-wire) - 0-2 to 0-100 inches
  • PT101 - voltage divider (potentiometer) - 0-2 to 0-100 inches
  • PT510 - 0...5, 0...10 VDC - 0-2 to 0-100 inches
  • DPT250 - incremental encoder (quadrature) - 0-25 to 0-50 inches [0-625 to 0-1250 mm]
  • DV301 - voltage divider (potentiometer) - 0-2 to 0-100 inches 

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