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SP Series

SP Series

The SP Series Cable Extension Transducer are well suited to applications where space is an issue as they are small in size. They are made of rugged polycarbonate and come with stainless steel mounting brackets.

The SP Series Cable Extension Transducer doesn't need perfect alignment to function. It has an exposed potentiometer at the back of the unit.

The SP Series includes:

  • SP1 with Voltage divider output - IP50

  • SP2 with Incremental output - IP50

  • SP3 with 4...20mA/ 0....10Vdc - IP50

  • SPD with Dual output to 50 - IP67

Products within the SP series Range offer different IP protection ratings and a full stroke length to 1370mm.

Datasheets for each of these can be downloaded by clicking the links below

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