P101 Stand Alone Linear Position Sensor

P101 Stand Alone Linear Position Sensor

The P101 is a durable, affordable, high accuracy stand alone linear inductive position sensor designed for use in scientific and industrial applications.

  • Very compact, offering excellent stroke to overall length ratio
  • Calibrated to the exact travel required
  • Available with any travel from 0-5mm to 0-800mm
  • Overall performance, repeat-ability and stability are outstanding over a wide temperature range
  • Very robust, manufactured from stainless steel
  • Long life and strong environmental resistance 
  • Easy to install with either M5 rod eye or body clamps
  • Push rod can be supplied captive or free with either M5 thread, M5 rod eye or ball end
  • The rod can be spring loaded in either direction on sensors with a stroke length of up to 300mm
  • Wide range of electrical inputs/outputs
  • Sealing up to IP65/IP67 and fully integrated EMC protection

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