EPT2200 Pressure Transducer 

This sensor at a glance

Available in Pressure Measurement range up to 40Bar

Sealed to IP66

Pressure Cycles: >10 million

Type of Pressure: Relative/Gauge

Operating Temperature range: -40°C to +105°C

The newly designed EPT2200 is based on the EPT2100 but optimised for large production runs and is an ideal pressure transducer for cost sensitive applications.

The monolithic measuring cells used within this design coupled with the high level output circuitry, assures excellent accuracy and long term stability within a light weight design.

The monolithic sensing element is compatible with many medias, including oil and compressed air and is suitable for applications with measuring ranges from 0...6 to 40 bar.

• Long life and high performance

• Rugged brass design

• Low cost pressure measuring

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