This sensor at a glance

Available in any measurement range from 0.01Bar to 0.5Bar

Sealed to IP66 with IP69K Option

Pressure Units:


Pressure Cycles: >10 million cycles 

Temperature range: -20°C to +85°C

The EPT3200 offers the robust design with stainless steel housing of the EPT3100 but uses a silicon based sensitive measuring cell for low pressure applications from 10 mbar to 500mbar.

With additional EMI / RFI protection, low static and thermal errors and high resistance to shock and vibration as standard, the EPT3200 assures trouble free operation at temperatures up to 85°C

• Pressure ranges down to 0..10 / 500 mbar

• High strength, rugged stainless steel design

• Competitively priced

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