This sensor at a glance

Measuring element Piezoresistive

Measuring accuracy 0…+40°C: ± 2.5 % FS

Typical total error ± 1.5% FS

Max. pressure

up to 1000 Pa : 5 kPa

> 1000 Pa : 5x FS

Bursting pressure

up to 1000 Pa : 10 kPa

> 1000 Pa : 10x FS

Operating temperature -10...50°C

Storage temperature -20…70°C

The DLTI Differential Pressure Sensor is a housed differential pressure transmitter for monitoring and controlling the differential pressure of air and other non-flammable and non-aggressive gases.

Possible applications are: monitoring of air filters, fans, industrial cooling air cycles as well as overheating protection, control of air and fire dampers, anti-freeze with heat exchangers.

• Housed differential pressure measurement

• PCB design for OEM integration

• Range 250 Pa to 5000 Pa

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