This sensor at a glance

Element: NTC GAG10K3435A1

Accuracy: ± 0.3 K @ +25 °C

Tolerance: ± 1% @ 25 °C

Beta value 25/85: 3435

Beta tolerance: ± 2%

Working temperature: -40°…+180 °C, short term 230 °C

Environmental temperature: -40°…+150°C

Sealing: IP67

NTC sensing element 

The ETP-AM-SP-100-10K3435A1 Temperature Probe provides a cost-effective measurement solution where heat, dust and moisture are prevalent and where a compact and robust high-reliability design is required.

The sensor is particularly suitable for demanding temperature monitoring applications on vehicles but with its fast response time and wide environmental temperature range, it is equally well-equipped for measurement of liquids and gases used in medical equipment, test machinery, industrial instrumentation and process control systems

• Cost effective standard model

• Robust and compact design

• Fast response time

• Wide environmental temperature range

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