Gas and Vapour Application Sensors

As the UK’s leading industrial position sensor manufacturer, Positek supplies a number of rotary sensors, specifically designed to ensure intrinsic safety in environments that are subject to the production of hazardous gas. 

Intrinsically safe systems restrict the flow of electrical energy into a hazardous or potentially explosive environment. Any sparks that may occur as the result of an electrical failure are therefore not strong enough to cause ignition, even when hazardous is present. 

When dealing in harsh or hazardous environments (for example one that might contain or produce hazardous gases or vapours or explosive dust), it is important to ensure all machinery used is of the correct hazardous area classification. All of our intrinsically safe rotary sensors have attained one or more of the following certifications, and are therefore suitable for applications that might produce or be exposed to hazardous gases:

    •   ATEX approval
    •   IECEx approval
    •   CSA approva

Not only has our entire product range gained industry approval; every rotary position sensor that we manufacture employs our simple, inductive technology, and therefore delivers the durability and reliability that cannot be matched by an rvdt sensor or rotary potentiometer.

Positek’s rotary sensors are also extremely robust, offering outstanding performance in all hazardous gas applications over a wide temperature range. Because of this we are proud to say that our IECEx, CSA and ATEX equipment has an extremely low failure rate.

Gas and Vapour Application Sensors

Positek’s Gas and Vapour Application Sensors are created to reduce the risk of gas and vapour combustion. These intrinsically safe sensors can stand even the harshest environment. As the leader in displacement transducer, Positek guarantees that each sensor is created with high-quality and self owned patented non-contact technology. With this technology, each sensor works with high level of accuracy and dependability even after a long time.

In what sort of environment may I require a Gas and Vapour Application Sensor?

Hazardous gas and vapour are commonly found in various industries. Inorganic gases are more commonly toxic compared to organic gases though organic gases are more often present in the workplace. This type of gas is used in petrochemical and chemical industries such as feedstock, mining environments, dust environments and cargo industry.

On the other hand, inorganic gases are often found on industries that are involved with fertilisers, electronics, beverages, fuels, water treatment and food processing.

These kinds of environment are very prone to combustion thus Gas and Vapour Application Sensor is highly recommended to keep the workplace safe for all employees.

What do the industry think of our Gas and Vapour Application Sensors?

Positek always ensures that we are able to produce high quality rotary position sensors. We guarantee that each intrinsically safe rotary sensors are simple and are based on modern technology which makes it an effective intrinsically safe sensors that eliminate the risk of being exposed to hazardous gases. We also make sure that this product brings permanence and dependability.

Positek’s intrinsically safe equipment is powerful, and can withstand wear and tear while providing the best performance under a wide range of temperature range.

Positek’s Gas and Vapour Application Sensors has been approved by ATEX, IECEX and/ or CSA. Thus, the industry highly approves Positek’s Gas and Vapour Application Sensors.

What sizes do our Gas and Vapour Application come in?

Positek offers rotary position sensors in various sizes. Each of which is designed to suit your needs but if in case you fail to find the size you need, we can create a specific size just for you. Here are some of the intrinsically safe sensors we offer:

  • P106 Internally Mounted Cylinder Sensor with External Electronics
  • P111 Rugged Stand Alone Linear Position Sensor
  • P112 Gauge Head Position Sensor
  • P117 Slim Line Linear Position Sensor
  • P118 Slim Line Short Stroke Linear Sensor

Measurement Range: 0-5 mm to 0-800 mm

Probe Head Diameter: 20 mm

Electronics Module: 35 mm

Measurement Range: 0-5 mm to 0-800 mm

Body Diameter: 35 mm

Measurement Range: 0-5 mm to 0-50 mm

Body Diameter: 19 mm

Measurement Range: 0-5 mm to 0-350 mm

Body Diameter: 19 mm

Measurement Range: 0-2 mm to 0-50 mm

Body Diameter: 19 mm

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To view our full range of industry approved IECEx, CSA and ATEX certified equipment, suitable for use in environments where hazardous gases and vapours are present, click here

If our standard measurements are not suited to your application, please speak to a member of our engineering team to discuss a custom design. We can then have your ATEX, IECEx or CSA approved sensor manufactured at our onsite production facility, and dispatched to you in as little as 1-2 working days.  

To find CSA, IECEx or ATEX equipment certified for use with a rotary potentiometer, click here.

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