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Position Sensing Technology

Different types of position sensors use different position sensing technologies. The type of technology used will usually be determined by the requirements of the application as well as the environment the position sensor will be used in.

Custom Sensors from Positek

As well as our standard range of position sensors, we are also able to customise products and make them fit customer requirements exactly. This means that there is never a reason to compromise.

What is an Inclinometer?

An inclinometer, also known as a tilt sensor, is a device used for the measurement of the slope or angle of an object with reference to gravity.

What is Linear Displacement?

Linear Displacement is often a movement which requires measurement and can be measured in either inches or millimetres using linear position sensors.

Intrinsically Safe Positek Position Sensors for Dust Environments

Dust environments is hazardous to sensors and may cause potential explosions. Intrinsically safe position sensors manufactured by Positek are suitable for harsh environments including exposure to dust and other combustible elements.

Exceptional Features of Positek's Intrinsically Safe Sensors

One of the ways to prevent accidents in the mining industry is to ensure that electrical and mechanical assemblies only use intrinsically safe sensors that adhere to industry standards.

Intrinsically Safe Sensors for Hazardous Gas and Vapour Environments

Hazardous environments with high amount of combustible gas and vapour require intrinsically safe sensors. Positek is a leading manufacturer of inductive, non-contact sensors certified for use in applications requiring adherence to intrinsic safety standards.

Superior Angle Sensor Technology by Positek

Angle sensors made by Positek are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. From mining equipment, subsea vessels, and airplanes, Positek’s angle position sensors provide unmatched reliability.

Positek's Cylinder Position Sensor Technology

Positek’s patented inductive non-contact sensor technology used in manufacturing cylinder position sensors are superior to other linear transducers used in hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.

An Introduction to Positek's Submersible Position Sensors

Positek manufactures a range of submersible position sensors used in off-shore oil mining equipment, wastewater treatment plants, and other subsea and underwater applications.

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