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Non-Contact Displacement Sensors

Non-contact displacement sensors are part of our range here at Positek. They are a device used to determine the movement or position of an object using technology which is wear-free promoting long life of the sensor.

Cable Extension Transducer Applications

A cable extension transducer is a type of position sensor and is part of our range here at Positek.

What is a Rotary Position Sensor?

A Rotary Position Sensor measures position in a rotary fashion; either clockwise or anticlockwise. They can be described as an electromagnetic device which emits an electrical signal which corresponds to the angle of rotation of an object around a shaft.

Intrinsically Safe Definition

Here, at Positek, many of our products are labelled as Intrinsically Safe, this is an explanation about intrinsically safe and what that means for our products.

Pressure Transducers for Industrial Applications

Pressure transducers are one of our newer product categories, they come from our sister company Variohm Eurosensor.

Why We are Open During The COVID-19 Pandemic

During the current climate, we find ourselves in, our customers working in various industries are essential to supporting and tackling the virus and keeping people all over the world safe in various ways.

What is a Temperature Probe

A temperature probe is a type of sensor which measures temperature in air, liquids or solid surfaces.

What is Displacement?

Displacement is the movement of an object from one place to another. This can be in any direction.

Advantages of Non-Contact Linear Sensors

Linear sensors or transducers are a common measuring instrument in many industries for a wide range of applications.

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