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Tilt Sensors: Practical Applications and Importance in Heavy Equipment Safety

Tilt sensors are considered one of the most important devices used as a safety feature for many machines and vehicles. Angle measurement is a vital step in many processes, including the function of consumer electronics.

Sensor Selection Process: Factors Affecting Cost of Ownership

Linear position sensors have pertinent characteristics that affect durability, robustness, and performance. In selecting the right position sensor, several factors need to be taken in consideration which impacts the installation cost and suitability to the intended use.

Rotary Position Sensors: Basic Guide and Specifications

Rotary position sensors are used in a variety of industrial and scientific applications. These devices vary by signal output and angle measurement range, among other things. These factors determine the operational success of a rotary sensor.

Positek Tilt Sensor Specifications and Applications

Tilt sensors and inclinometers are not only used for large machines and aircraft, but are also relevant in the consumer electronics manufacturing industry. Positek remains as one of the leaders in manufacturing tilt sensors using their patented inductive non-contact technology.

A Brief Description of Position Sensor Technology by Positek

Positek’s patented non-contact sensor technology proves far superior than any LVDT used in industrial applications. With guaranteed high-quality performance and durability, Positek’s sensors are deemed most suitable for extreme working conditions.

Comparing Positek’s Linear Position Sensor and LVDTs

Positek is a leading manufacturer of position sensors using a patented non-contact inductive technology. Their linear position sensors have the benefits of modern LVDTs but with increased reliability, robustness, and durability.

Linear Position Technology Manufactured by Positek

Positek’s position sensor technology uses a patented non-contact production technique which ensures the quality and robustness of the product. You can rely on Positek’s sensors to work well even when subjected to extreme working conditions.

Custom-designed Position Sensors from Positek

Positek customises position sensors to cater to unique specifications for a variety of industrial applications. Custom sensors produce precise measurements and eliminate the need for calibration and adjustments.

LVDTs and Other Non-Contact Sensor Technologies

Inductive non-contact sensor technology makes position sensors manufactured by Positek suitable for industrial applications and other uses exposing the device to the harshest working conditions. Positek has a range of standard linear sensors, as well as custom-design option.

Buyers Guide to Displacement Transducer

Position sensors are an essential component of many industrial equipment and machines. With the variety of applications where sensors are required, it is vital to ensure that proper selection methods are employed. Using the right sensor is crucial to the operation of a machine. Engineers cannot use

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