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A Closer Look at Tilt Sensor Technology Used Today

Another design concept applies in all sensors today is intrinsic safety. The idea of intrinsic safety began in mines where explosions occurred due to sparks created by electromechanical devices. These explosions caused massive casualties, making mining one of the most hazardous jobs anywhere in the

Classifying Parameters for Displacement Transducer

Displacement transducers consist of a variety of sensing devices used to measure the movement of an object. Different types of transducers suit specific applications. Some transducers have robust fabrication intended for use in extreme conditions.

Importance of Intrinsic Safety in Sensor Technology

As a leading manufacturer of sensor technology, Positek ensures that each device produced, complies with all safety requirements in every field where the sensor is applied. For example, an important parameter in sensors today is intrinsic safety. Intrinsically safe sensors are needed when the machin

Rotary position sensor

Many industries rely on the use of sensors for various applications. Rotary position sensors for example, are largely responsible for converting the rotational mechanical displacement of a machine. The electrical signals created by the sensor is then interpreted and translated into readable data. In

Linear Transducer and Linear Position Sensing Technology

In a highly industrialised world, many industries depend on the use of machine to perform functions that would have been impossible manually. The innovations in engineering has paved way for a more developed way of life across the globe. The optimum efficiency of machines depend on each individual p

Angle Sensor Technology and Understanding its Application

Simply put, an angle sensor or rotary sensor measures the relationship of an objects position with respect to another position that is established. It calculates the displacement of an object with respect to a specified reference position. This information is expressed by the number of rotations nec

How undersea valves use sensors

Today we look at submersible position sensors. From those used on jet ski and water powered boats to sensors are able to withstand submersion up to 3,500 metres and the vibration of oil drilling.

Position sensors on actuators

We look at the important role that position sensors play when fitted to actuators in ensuring precision is always met together with the data they generate.

Sensors shipped worldwide

Positek gets your sensors to you no matter where you are in the world and in this article, we advise you of how our distribution network runs, which makes this possible.

Understanding ingress protection for your sensors

In today’s blog, we aim to clarify the ingress protection rating system in order for you to understand what it means; which in turn will help choose the sensor best suited to your requirements.

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