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Choosing a linear sensor

This blog help to identify the purpose of the sensor, in order to ensure the correct sensor is chosen to match the type of job it is expected to do.

Why a cheap sensor will cost you more in the long run

Everyone loves a bargain, but don’t confuse a bargain with cheap, especially when looking at sensors. Today’s blog, clarifies why it pays to spend a little more.

Sensor industry events in 2017

This article gives details of all the main sensor industry events that are taking place in 2017. See what's new, broaden you knowledge and expand you social network.

Tilt sensors and inclinometer technology

This article looks at how we have built on the MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensor technology and have created a range of submersible, compact and intrinsically safe tilt sensors.

How sensors reduce wastage and scrap in the steel industry

Today’s article looks at how a variety of sensors help to reduce wastage and scrap in the steel industry, which increases production and cuts costs; also,less waste equals better profits too.

What type of sensor do I need?

We have put together a handy guide to make the process of creating a specification for the sensor you may need a little easier and help answer some of the more commonly asked questions.

Common problems with sensors – and how to overcome them

This article highlights that when you have a problem sensor or simply replacing a sensor, that you verify the correct sensor was initially fitted and that the replacement sensor is correct for the job.

Growth of position sensors market

In this article we look at the predicted growth in the position sensor industry, including the geographical specifics and the driving forces behind the growth.

An oily business

Today we look at sensors that use contactless technology and are specially designed to be used in hazardous and difficult to access areas, like the oil and gas industry.

Position sensors and the Internet of Things

Today’s blog looks at how position sensors are a vital component of the IoT and the benefits it has for commercial and industry use, together with the possibilities for domestic use.

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