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Sensors in water sports

This article reviews some of the leisure applications for our non-contact sensors, rotary sensors or linear sensors - in particular water sports; including rudders on model boats and jet ski propulsion.

The suspense is killing us!

Today we look at different types of suspension for modern transport our sensors are used in , including air spring suspension; passive suspension systems; active suspension systems.

Platform Safety Sensors

Today’s article takes a look at both commercial and domestic platform safety sensors, explaining the types of sensors used and their differences.

All the fun of the fair

This article takes a look at how widely are sensors used at fair grounds and how they time and position each ride, to a split second and keep us and the rides safe.

Submerging Sensors – How technology drives change, as well as big ships

In this article we look at how technology is changing and improving performance of machines, in particular ground-breaking water jet propulsion technology.

T'was the Positek Night Before Christmas...

In this re-written version of the well know poem 'T'was the night before Christmas, it tells of a variety of sensors and their uses for all things Christmas: including some used by Santa.

What is The Hall Effect?

Who knew how great an influence The Hall Effect would have on the world of position sensors when it was discovered back in the 19th century.

Position Sensors in Industry – Bakeries

The P103 linear position sensor is used across many different settings and industries. Today we look at how they are used in bakeries.

Position Sensors – What are They and How are They Used?

Learn more about the applications and uses of position sensors, including linear, rotary and tilt, and the kind of technology they use.

Positek Sponsors Student Racing Team in Spain

As part of their sponsorship of a student racing team from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Positek supply linear position sensors; Find out more here.

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