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Positek is a leading manufacturer and world-wide supplier of  linear, rotary, tilt and intrinsically safe position sensors, displacement transducers and potentiometers.

  • Linear, Rotary and Tilt Position sensors for industrial, potentially explosive, scientific and motorsport applications

  • ATEX and IECEx qualified intrinsically safe range of sensors and barriers
    for use in potentially explosive Gas, Vapour
    and Dust atmospheres and in Mining environments

  • CSA approved intrinsically safe position sensors and barriers range

  • ANZEx approved intrinsically safe position sensor and barrier range

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Free design service for OEM applications

We will customise or design a unique
sensor specifically for your application
if our standard product range does not
fulfill your requirements.

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Positek position sensors need no contact between the moving components and therefore have a very long life. Positek developed a new technology that overcame the disadvantages normally associated with inductive technology (bulkiness, poor length to stroke ratio and the need for special magnetic materials).

The Positek's PIPS® position sensor is an inductive based, high performance displacement sensor, which has an excellent record in the industrial market for providing good performance, robustness, durability and cost.

The sensor technolgy is very flexible and alows us to package it in a wide range of body types. We can also custom design to match your application. If you require a linear sensor that is not satisfied by our standard range we can custom design the package for you. The same applies for our rotary sensor range and tilt sensors.

The PIPS® sensor technology, utilising Positek's patented ASIC has three derivatives:
LIPS® linear , RIPS® rotary and TIPS® tilt position sensors . Each of these is a totally self-contained unit, allowing the customer to install and interface it with his control or monitoring system.

Key features are robustness, accuracy, ease of use and compactness. Positek's displacement transducers have the simplicity of a potentiometer with the life of an LVDT/RVDT.

In addition to providing our standard range, Positek excels at designing a bespoke displacement transducer to meet the customer's specific need. Click here to email our engineering team.

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