Inclinometers and Tilt Sensors

As the UK’s leading tilt sensor and inclinometer manufacturer, Positek’s tilt measurement devices have been used in a host of applications from off-shore oil rigs to industrial vehicles

Not only do our tilt sensors offer an extended cycle-life in comparison to rvdts and other alternatives, they are also manufactured from corrosion resistant metal, which makes them ideal for marine and outdoor applications. 

As part of our extensive range, we also supply a selection of intrinsically safe tilt sensor solutions, suitable for inclination angle measurement in harsh or hazardous conditions. As with all Positek products, every inclinometer sensor that we manufacture harnesses our patented, contactless technology, and offers outstanding reliability and performance in all tilt angle measurement applications.

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Positek has the flexibility, coupled with 25+ years’ experience as a tilt position sensor manufacturer, to custom design any tilt sensor or inclinometer within our range. If our standard sizes are not suited to your application, please contact us to discuss your unique requirements. Using our onsite production facility, we can then design and assemble your custom inclination sensor, and have it dispatched to you in as little as 1-2 working days.

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