Intrinsically Safe Tilt Sensors

Positek manufactures a selection of tilt sensors and inclinometers that are suitable for use in hazardous applications in gas, dust and mining environments

Our intrinsically safe tilt sensors operate on the basis of restricting the flow of electrical energy into a hazardous area. Any sparks that may therefore occur as the result of an electrical failure are insufficient to cause ignition, thus eliminating the threat of an explosion. 

The intrinsically safe tilt position sensor is intended for use in hazardous or potentially explosive environments. For example, in construction environments where the production of combustible dust is likely, it is important any electronic components, such as the vehicle inclinometer that might be being used to measure the angle of a crane tilt, has attained the necessary safety certifications. The same would go for a truck inclinometer being used to transport coal in a mining environment. 

Not only is our technology extremely robust, offering reliability that cannot be matched by an rvdt or similar technologies, every electronic tilt sensor that we supply has attained one or more of the following accreditations:

    •   IECEx approval
    • CSA approval
    • ATEX approvals.

In order to comply with the above certification services, our tilt position sensor and inclinometer sensor solutions must be paired with a galvanically isolated three port amplifier.

If our standard tilt sensor dimensions are not suited to your application, please contact a member of our engineering team to discuss your specification. We can then design a custom tilt sensor at no extra cost to you, assemble it at our onsite production facility, and have it shipped out to you in a matter of days.

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