Positek Linear Position Sensors

Experts in standard and custom linear position sensor design

Positek offers an extensive range of linear position sensors; an ideal non-contact alternative to a linear potentiometer, suitable for the detection of linear movement in a host of industrial applications.

Our linear position sensors provide all of the benefits of an lvdt, but with added reliability and improved stroke to length ratio. Unlike many lvdt sensors, our linear position sensors lend themselves well to confined spaces, and operate using a single coil which leaves them less vulnerable to common fractures and breakages. 

Using Positek’s patented inductive sensor technology, our position sensors are extremely robust and highly accurate in their detection of linear movement, with stroke length measurements of up to 800mm.

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Positek’s sensor technology is highly flexible, enabling us to package any linear displacement transducer / linear position sensor in a wide range of body types. Though we have various off-the-shelf options available, we can also custom design to fit any application or specification required. 

If our standard range does not fulfil your requirements, please speak to one of our engineers about your custom linear position sensor design today.

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