Positek Cylinder Position Sensors

Positek supplies a range of cylinder sensors that are well suited to hydraulic and pneumatic applications, offering high-precision in harsh environments such as industrial machinery

Our hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder position sensor solutions have significant advantages over lvdts and other similar sensors; they are more compact and more robust, and require no sensitive magnetic components. As with every linear transducer that we manufacture, our cylinder sensors use Positek’s own patented, contactless technology. 

One of the most popular sensors within our range is the P100 style cylinder position sensor; an extremely durable and highly flexible linear sensor. This hydraulic cylinder position sensor is particularly space efficient and responsive along almost its entire length. As a non contact linear position sensor, the P100 also offers unrivalled durability and boasts an extremely low failure rate.

For applications where environmental resistance, cost and service life are particularly important, or if you are looking for an alternative to a high temperature lvdt, we would recommend the P106 internally mounted cylinder sensor. This cylinder transducer is extremely robust and specifically designed for demanding hydraulic or pneumatic environments, offering outstanding performance at temperatures of up to 125°C.

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As with every linear transducer we manufacture, Positek can modify or redesign any cylinder position sensor to meet your specific requirements. Please speak to a member of our sales team today to discuss your specification, and we will design a cylinder sensor to suit.  

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