Positek is a leading displacement transducer manufacturer and world-wide supplier of linear, rotary, tilt and intrinsically safe position sensors; the non-contact alternative to potentiometers.

All of Positek’s position sensors are manufactured to the highest quality and use our very own patented non-contact technology. This helps to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and reliability, even in the harshest of environments.

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From applications in aerospace and motorsports to the medical sector, from linear transducers to linear transition sensors, we stock a huge variety of technology. Our position sensors are at the forefront of many positioning systems worldwide, where potentiometers cannot offer acceptable reliability, or where the potentiometer manufacturer cannot offer suitable customisation/delivery times. Every position sensor that we manufacture uses our inductive sensor technology to ensure high-precision results, and is fully customisable to meet the unique requirements of your business.

With over 25 years’ experience as a sensor manufacturer and using our onsite production facility, Positek has the flexibility to manufacture and customise any industrial position sensor, including tilt sensors and inclinometers, to any size or specification.

Whether you’re in need of an off-the-shelf position sensor, a linear transducer, a linear position sensor, or custom position sensing solution, our reduced lead times of as little as 1-2 working days are what set us apart from many lvdt manufacturers.

For more information and to find the right position sensor for your application, please contact a member of our sales team today.

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Our very own patented sensor technology

At Positek we have our own patented technology called PIPS (Positek Inductive Position Sensor Technology) which is split in to three transducer categories;

•   LIPS – Linear inductive Position Sensor
•   RIPS– Rotary inductive Position Sensor
•   TIPS– Tilt inductive Position Sensor

On the linear position sensor range the use of a high frequency coil as the displacement transducer sensing element enables far fewer coil turns than are used on an LVDT which improves stroke to overall length ratio and significantly improves durability. The linear transducer durability is further improved by the packaging of the electronics inside cnc machined metal housings. Although Positek has comprehensive selection of standard industrial, submersible, automotive and intrinsically safe sensors, we are extremely flexible with offering customisation regardless of required quantity. If you have an application that requires a linear position sensor and our standard range will not suit then please contact us.

The rotary displacement transducer uses the same electronics as the linear transducer but uses a printed circuit coil instead of the wound coil in the linear transducer. Similar in design to an RVDT the Positek rotary displacement transducer also uses the high frequency coil design of the Positek linear sensors enabling the coil structure to be simple and compact which has made the current Positek rotary sensor offerings more compact than competitor models.

The flexibility of our ATEX and IECEx certification means that we are able to custom design sensors for potentially explosive applications.

All Positek sensors are manufactured in house at our production plant in the UK which enables us to offer exceptionally fast delivery.

Our standard products can in some cases be manufactured and shipped the same day.

Many thanks for your great technical support and getting the parts here on time.

We were very pleased with the sensors you have provided. They are of a better quality than others we have used in the past.

Great job, guys. Thanks a lot for the quick and perfect service.

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