Tilt Position Sensors

Our P603 large angle tilt sensor uses our own patented non-contact sensing technology giving a virtually infinite life.

The P603 has a gravity actuated pendulum with internal oil damping which offers fast response with a short settle time.

The P603 is sealed to IP67, comes with a M12 4 pin connector and can be mounted with either flange or servo mounts. We also offer the IP68 350bar sealed S623 submersible tilt sensor. The P603 tilt sensor is supplied with the output calibrated to the exact tilt angle the customer chooses which can be anything between 15° and 160°.

The body construction is all corrosion resistant metal meaning that the P603 tilt sensor is ideally suited for marine and outdoor applications. Some typical examples of applications where our tilt sensors have been used are: Offshore oil rigs, large vehicle and crane tilt measurements.