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G623 Submersible Large Angle Tilt Sensor

G623 Submersible Large Angle Tilt Sensor

Intrinsically safe 350bar G623 is CSA approved for use in potentially explosive gas/vapour atmospheres. The G603 is designed for industrial and scientific feedback applications and is ideal for OEMs seeking good sensor performance for arduous applications in hazardous areas.

It is sealed to IP68 350bar (5000psi, 3500m depth).

The G623, like all Positek® sensors, is supplied with the output calibrated to the angle required by the customer, between 15 and 160 degrees and with full EMC protection built in. The sensor provides a linear output characteristic with angle of deflection. There is a machined registration mark to identify the calibrated mid point.
Overall performance, repeatability and stability are outstanding over a wide temperature range.

Positek intrinsically safe sensors are designed to be used with a galvanically isolated amplifier .  Approved galvanic isolation amplifiers (G005) are available from Positek; there is a choice of 0.5-9.5V or 4-20mA transmission outputs.

The sensor can be installed with a cable length up to 1km between the sensor and the amplifier.

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