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Custom Position Sensors

While our linear displacement and rotary displacement position measurement devices are available in a selection of sizes, we also offer a free custom design service to cater for more compact applications. 

Unlike many manufacturers who offer custom potentiometer or lvdt design, we are able to deliver an extremely quick turnaround on our modified sensors. 

Not only is this because all displacement sensor customisation jobs take place at our onsite production facility, it is also due to the inductive technology that all of our sensors employ. 

The technology that is used in other types of position sensors, such as the custom potentiometer, can be somewhat restrictive when it comes to custom position sensor design. Our inductive technology on the other hand operates using a simple, single coil, which not only leaves our sensors less vulnerable to fractures and breakages, but also makes custom sensor design a much simpler, quicker task. This means you can benefit from our reduced lead times, which in some cases are as short as 1-2 working days.

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