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Cable Extension Transducers

Cable Extension Transducers have different names and are also referred to as; string pots draw wire sensors, cable actuated sensors.  

A cable extension transducer is a type of position sensor which measures and detects linear position through the use of a extendable cable and a spring loaded spool. 

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SP Series

  • Up to 1270mm Stroke


Up to 1270mm (50 inches) Incremental 

SM Series

  • Up to 635mm Stroke
  • Various Output Options 

SG Series

  • CANopen
  • 0...10VDC or 4...20mA Output

SK Series

  • up to 10160mm stroke

Miniature Series Cable Extension Transducers

  • Up to 38mm Stroke
  • Various Output options 

PT1 Series

  • Up to 1270mm stroke

Classic Cable Extension Transducer Series

  • Up to 2540mm stroke
  • Various Output Options 

PT5 Series Cable Extension Transducer

  • Up to 6350mm stroke
  • Various Output Options

PT8 Series Cable Extension Transducer

  • Hazadous area certification available
  • Various Output options 

PT9 Series Cable Extension Transducer

Up to 1700 Inches

Hazardous Area certification 

PT9 EXT Series Cable Extension Transducer

Up to 1700 Inches

Extended range