Custom Position Sensors

With over 25 years’ experience in custom position sensor design, Positek has the expertise to tailor any displacement sensor within our range to meet your individual requirements

While our linear displacement and rotary displacement position measurement devices are available in a selection of sizes, we also offer a free custom design service to cater for more compact applications. 

Not only is this because all displacement sensor customisation jobs take place at our onsite production facility, it is also due to the inductive technology that all of our sensors employ.

The technology that is used in other types of position sensors, such as the custom potentiometer, can be somewhat restrictive when it comes to custom position sensor design. Our inductive technology on the other hand operates using a simple, single coil, which not only leaves our sensors less vulnerable to fractures and breakages, but also makes custom sensor design a much simpler, quicker task. This means you can benefit from our reduced lead times, which in some cases are as short as 1-2 working days.

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Positek Limited is a 25-year old manufacturing company based in the UK. They supply their distributors with linear, rotary, tilt, safe position sensors, and inclinators that can be customised according to the client’s needs. Besides supplying a variety of sizes for their products, they also have custom position sensors. They make use of their own patented designs that ensures their products can be customised to the specific needs of the customer and they have a 1-2-day guarantee for the finished product.

What makes Positek's custom position sensors different from others?

Positek’s custom position sensors are different from others because the custom design service is free. The service is also not limited to just the linear position sensor. The customisation applies to all kinds of position sensors.

The main focus of the customisation is on the size and scale of the position sensor, but other arrangements can be made such as making a specific position sensor more suitable for a certain environment. The design is first discussed with a team of engineers before they are manufactured. All the linear transducers, cylinder position sensors, and other position sensors are made in an onsite facility, which along with the patented design ensures a quick turnover on modified sensors.

Is there a restriction on size for Positek's custom position sensors?

No, there is no restriction on the size mentioned in Positek’s website. While Positek’s selection of linear position sensors and cylinder position sensors already come in a variety of sizes, which can be seen on their website, ranges measured in millimetres, inches, and degrees—they also have the added feature of a free customised design that allows for a more compact design.

At the same time, having no size restriction doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is possible. For any specific measurements, first contact their team of engineers to discuss the design of your custom position sensor.

How does the technology behind a custom position sensor work?

Positek makes a point to not follow the restrictive design of typical linear position sensors, such as the custom potentiometer. When changing the size of your position sensor, the potentiometer has to be customised as well. Their patented design makes use of a single coil, which not only allows for a quick and easy transition to a more compact size, but also ensures the strength and reliability of the linear transducers.

Custom position sensors allow for more possibilities, allowing the project to take on any shape and form. It becomes less about following the standard size of materials, and more about pushing for innovative designs to come to life.

To commission your custom position sensor design, please contact a member of our engineering team today.

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