Pressure Transducers

Converting pressure into an analogue or digital electrical signal

Pressure Transducers are sometimes referred to as pressure transmitters; they are a type of sensor used to convert pressure into an analogue or digital electrical signal.

Pressure Transducers are robust sensors and are strong making them suitable for use in harsh environment conditions. They are available in different pressure ranges and output types depending on the application

They can be used in a range of applications including industrial applications. They offer excellent accuracy and high strength. Pressure Transducers are often resistant to water and dirt with high IP ratings, they also have a wide operating temperature range.

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Types of Pressure Transducers

Our pressure transducers offer different pressure units. These will be more suited to different applications.

Absolute - measuring pressure in relation to a vacuum; reference point of zero
Gauge - measuring pressure in relation to the atmosphere they are in; also known as relative pressure
Vacuum – also known as negative pressure. Measuring pressure which is less than atmospheric pressure and is free from air

Static Pressure and Measurement Units

When a pressure transducer has pressure applied to the diaphragm it is calculated using a formula where Pressure (P), equals force (F) divided by area (A)



The force of the applied pressure is divided by the area of the diaphragm to give the pressure. The pressure is usually applied by liquids or gases or vapours.The most commonly used pressure measurements are Pascal, Bar or PSI, descriptions of these measurements are as follows;

Pa - [Pascal] in 1 Pa = 1(N/m²)
Bar - [Bar] in 1 bar = 105 Pa
psi: (pound(-force) per square inch)

The pressure transducers that we can offer use Bar for their measurements. Each one has a different range which can be found on the product datasheet.

How does a Pressure Transducer Work?

A pressure transducer has an internal diaphragm and a pressure port. Pressure is applied through the port, which causes the diaphragm inside to deflect. The deflection is measured and is then converted into several different output signals for example; voltage, current and digital. The pressure can therefore be monitored by electronic instruments and converted into a readable format for the operator.

Nearly all of the pressure transducers we can offer do not contain internal o-rings giving them higher accuracy and a longer life.

Specifications of our Pressure Transducers

Different applications have different requirements and specifications for pressure transducers. To cover all bases, we have a range of configurable pressure transducers with different options for pressure range, port configuration, connections, pressure type and other specifications.

Our pressure transducers use a robust modular design; with a stainless steel housing and a welded housing to the pressure port itself. We have a range of sizes available as standard with the smallest starting at just 12mm in diameter for applications in restricted space.

We can offer pressure transducers with specifications including:

  • Wide operating temperature range – some from -40°C to +125°C
  • Vacuum, absolute and gauge pressure
  • Up to 4,000bar
  • Long term stability
  • High accuracy – some ±0.1%
  • Analogue and Digital Output
  • Miniature designs
  • Options for different process connections.
  • Options for electrical connections, fitted to the body or onto cable.

What are Pressure Transducers Used for?

Pressure transducers are used throughout different industries including; Test and Measurement, Automotive, Medical and many other industries for applications requiring pressure measurement.

Our Pressure Transducers come from our sister company Variohm Eurosensor. In the past, these pressure transducers have been used in the following applications;

  • Refrigeration systems
  • Robotics
  • Industrial gauge and vacuum pressure
  • Agricultural applications
  • Breaking applications on long vehicles
  • Off-road construction
  • Automation

Our range of pressure transducers can be seen here. Full product details visit the product pages and download the datasheets.

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Positek’s sensor technology is highly flexible, enabling us to package any linear displacement transducer / linear position sensor in a wide range of body types. Though we have various off-the-shelf options available, we can also custom design to fit any application or specification required. 

If our standard range does not fulfil your requirements, please speak to one of our engineers about your custom linear position sensor design today

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