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linear sensors Linear Position Sensors
Positek linear sensors use our own patented inductive sensing technology packaged in very durable housings. With a comprehensive range measuring from 1mm to 800mm and most products available with intrinsically safe approval. Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder applications can be satisfied either with the P100 style cylinder sensor, the internally mounted P106 linear sensor or any of our other externally mounted linear sensors such as the stand alone P101. For submerged applications we offer IP68 sealing to 10 bar from our S114 and S115 submersible linear sensors and 350bar from our S125. The complete range of linear sensors is very customisable with many mounting, electrical and connection options. Customisation of most of our Linear, Rotary and Rilt sensors is routine given the excellent flexibilty of our sensing technology.
Some example applications of our linear sensor range are:
Roll gap measurement
Stone crusher cone position feedback
Suspension and body roll feedback in automotive racing and heavy vehicles
Submarine grabber arm control
linear sensors Rotary Position Sensors

Using the same technology as our linear range but with a printed rotary coil opposed to the wound linear coil our rotary sensors offer the same high performance as the linear sensor range but with shaft driven rotary or gravity driven tilt measurement. The standard P500/P502 rotary sensors can be manufactured with a measurement range anywhere between 5° and 160°. We also manufacture miniature rotary sensors such as the P501 and P505 and the P503 flat PCB style version for customer application fitment. Like our linear sensor range our rotary sensors are also customisable should the standard range not accomodate your application.
Some example applications of our rotary sensor range are:
Waterjet propulsion system
Aircraft control surface pitch feedback
Valve control

linear sensors Tilt Position Sensors

Available with any measurement angle between 15° and 160° the P603 tilt sensor operates a gravity driven, oil damped pendulum with a very low settle time and durable housing.
Our tilt sensor has proved popular in marine applications because like our linear and rotary sensors we have used highly durable and corrosion resistant materials.
We also offer the S623 which is waterproof sealed for continual submersion to IP68 350bar, 5000psi, 3500msw

linear sensors Submersible, Waterproof Sensors

Linear, rotary and tilt sensors, IP68 sealed for continual submersion to 10 bar (150psi, 100msw depth), 350 bar (5000psi, 3500msw depth). Designed for the marine environment these corrosion resistant sensors offer very long life and high performance.

linear sensors Position Sensors for Hazardous Environments
ATEX, IECEx, CSA and ANZEx availavle

linear sensors Galvanic Isolation Amplifier


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