Submersible Rotary Sensors

Positek manufactures a number of high-precision subsea sensors specifically designed for use in submersible applications

Often used as the submersible rvdt alternative, our submersible position sensor technology delivers unrivalled accuracy in angle measurement at depths of up to 3500m. Using inductive, contactless technology, the submersible rotary sensor also operates without wear to the sensing element, even when underwater, and offers durability that cannot be matched by a rotary potentiometer. 

Our rotary underwater position sensor technology is also suitable for use in any harsh environment where the equipment is not fully submerged, but subject to high volumes of water or other non-corrosive liquid. Made from marine grade stainless steel, the submersible rotary sensor is an ideal alternative to the waterproof rotary potentiometer.

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How accurate are Positek's Submersible Rotary Sensors?

If you compare rotary position sensors with other types of sensors like the potentiometer, LVDT or RVDT, you will see a significant difference. Positek’s non-contact technology allows for more accuracy compared to other devices, as they use friction, which lessens their efficiency by a long shot. The resistance also deteriorates the sensors a lot faster. Also, the LVDT, RVDT and potentiometer utilise three coils, while Positek’s uses only one, and requires lesser coil turns.

Being made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, you can be sure that your sensor will be able to tolerate even the severest underwater environment. Its durability will also guarantee that the sensing technology of the sensor will never be affected when it comes to providing the right reading.

What kind of environments are Positek's Submersible Rotary Sensors suited for?

You can use a submersible rotary sensor to a wide range of environments. Also, depending on your intended project, you can choose between heavy duty and a light sensor. Positek’s sensors are utilised for different purposes, such as oil exploration and the like. You have a variety of options for the sensors: the linear, rotary or tilt models, which are all sealed at 350 bar and 5000 PSI.

Is it possible to have a custom Submersible Rotary Sensor made?

Rotary sensors can be tailor-made based on your requirements. The scaling of the sensors is what is customised, to make sure that the sensor will suit the project to a T. But there are other factors that you can ask Positek to change on your rotary sensor. Their engineers will make these customisations to reality in just two days. These sensors need stricter designs because they will be utilised in a variety of environments that may affect their accuracy in reading.

Positek is your best choice when it comes to submersible position sensors. A variety of heavy duty and light sensors are available depending on your project’s requirements. This way you can get the full potential of your chosen sensor and it will give you the results that you need with accurate precision. With their customisation offer, you don’t have to contend with an incorrect sensor because you can have it in the dimensions and specifications that you desire.

Our ability to manufacture or customise any submersible position sensor to your exact specification is what sets us apart from many submersible rvdt manufacturers. If your requirements are outside of the standard sizes listed on our website, please speak to a member of our engineering team to discuss a custom design. Your marine sensor can then be assembled and dispatched in as little as 1-2 working days.

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